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Student Writing

Hello parents and guardians, if you happen to be around the school to drop off or pick up next week, check out our display of whale research projects in the hall straight down from the front door.  Finishing touches are being added to the last few and then all will be completed.  There is some great work up there.  I’ve discussed with the students how their writing will grow and improve this school year.  When I hand these back encourage them to hold onto them so they can compare with other research projects we complete.

 Some things we’ve been discussing as we practice writing are how do you know if a sentence is complete?  How can you edit your own writing to check for errors?  Why is it sometimes good to have someone else read over your work? I think it’s even more important than ever to practice these things because in a technological age, we often practice, and are bombarded with, some fairly bad writing.  Not everything we consume as readers is of the polished, professionally edited, published variety. 

With that in mind, division 5 will keep plugging away at building writing skills.  We look forward to sharing our work!



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Our class has had a busy start to the school year, and already accomplished quite a lot.  In particular I have enjoyed reading my students’ creative writing.  One of my favourite topics has been “If you could be any animal … Continue reading