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Winter Haiku


It may be a little early but I am really excited to share our winter haiku poems! Check back in the coming days to see more. Thanks to Allison for this one.

Remembrance Day

Our Remembrance Day assembly  was a beautiful and apt way of honouring this important day.  The students from divisions one and two did a wonderful job of reciting “In Flanders Fields” and  delivering their short presentation about why we wear poppies.  I was very moved by Mr. Turner’s playing of The Last Post and Reveille on his authentic WWII bugle.  I was very proud to be a part of our school today.  Well done everyone!

In the classroom this week we have been reading about and discussing all aspects of Remembrance Day, from war and peace to loss and gratitude.  We read about John McRae, who wrote “In Flanders Fields” and we read about Anne Frank, who lost her life at such a young age. The children were very intrigued (and saddened) by Anne’s story.  I will be interested to hear from students who managed to catch some of the coverage of the Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa.  We talked about the National War Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  We also painted a picture, inspired by In Flanders Fields, which the children have brought home.