If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

We have been doing research on endangered animals in socials for the past couple of weeks.  It’s been really interesting helping the students learn to research and take effective notes.  Today we switched gears to write from our heads and hearts creatively.  The prompt was, if you could be any animal in the world, which would you choose to be and why would you choose it?  We discussed the writing trait “voice” and how that might be developed.  It’s a tough trait to teach because it’s not a correction, like adding a period or comma as needed.  It’s very individual.  I encouraged the students to try to avoid writing another factual sounding piece about an animal.  For this one I wanted to see imagination, figurative language (similes!) and maybe some humour if it fit.  Click on comments below to see how they did!

33 responses to “If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

  1. Narwhal

    If I could be any animal I wanted I would pick a Narwhal. I think I would be very good at fencing because I could easily win with my giant tooth. It would be extraordinary to see all the different sea life and maybe I could find an animal that scientist haven’t discovered yet. It would also be really awesome looking at all different shapes and sizes of icebergs under the water. It would be fun scaring away other animals with my giant tooth. They would probably swim away as fast as they could away from me. It would be really cool being a Narwhal.


  2. I’m tired of walking everyday. So I would like to become a golden eagle. First, the word golden eagle sounds majestic because it has the word “golden” in it. The colour golden is a colour that I like. Golden eagles also have incredible eyesight. I always wished to have the eyesight of a hawk in my family and I will if I am a golden eagle. I also wanted to see what it feels like to live in a nest but l will get to if I am a golden eagle. I won’t have any predators in the air because I will be a very large bird. I will be as fast as light and will be able to taste other food too instead of what we eat everyday. The main reason is that I would be able to fly. I will fly gracefully like a swan and sometimes furious like an exploding volcano. The reason why I wouldn’t be any other type of eagle or bird is because the name “golden eagle” is just the name I’m looking for.

  3. If I Could Be Any Animal I wanted…
    By: Jaylin
    If I could be any animal, anything I wanted, I would be a crocodile. I would be a crocodile because its sharp teeth can bite really hard. I would sneak up on people and scare them; they will drop their things and I would “borrow” them. When I try to swim with my friends, they run away screaming, why is that? There are some reasons why I don’t want to be a crocodile. I don’t want to be a crocodile because some people feel threatened by them; for instants, a crocodile would be minding its own self when… bang… a human shot it. I mostly want to be a crocodile because it’s not at the bottom of the food chain. If I could be any animal, anything I wanted, I would be a crocodile.

  4. Giraffes are beautiful and elegant creatures. I love the way they’re always so quiet and peaceful. Sometimes they are as quiet as a mouse! I also love the way that they have purple tongues because my favorite colour is purple. I like when they gallop because if you’re standing near them it feels like the whole world is shaking! You can notice a giraffe a mile away because of their long neck, for then I wouldn’t get lost in huge parking lots. The giraffe’s abilities are outstanding but, I really like they’re appearance too! The bright, shinning yellow with the dark, exceptional brown. I love giraffes the best because they are as loving as a mother bird to her chicks.

  5. If I could be any animal I would be a turtle. I would be a turtle because they’re cool and awesome. They’re slow and when they cross the road I go wild. Don’t even let me get started about they’re shell it’s amazing. It would be awesome to carry your own house around ever where you go. I’d like to have green scaly skin and a brown shell. They can even swim in water for like forever. Their like as slow as a snail and they have a shell like a snails. I’d just like to live and breathe in a turtles body just for one day. It would be so awesome because I love turtles. Turtles are awesome because they don’t eat meat. That’s the reason I want to be a turtle.

  6. I, Maxen, would like to be a black bear because it has sharp teeth so I can rip through flesh, meat, and bone. I also want to be a black bear because they are very big and strong animals. They can climb trees and kill other animals especially moose, deer, and caribou. Also, they can kill people if they feel threatened. I also want to be a black bear because I wouldn’t have to go to school because I would be hibernating. I also want to be a black bear because I wouldn’t have to put on a winter jacket. Black bears have the worlds softest fur and the warmest coat also. And that is why I want to be a black bear.

  7. I would love to be a cheetah. I like cheetahs for many reasons. Here is one, they are as fast as a race car. I also like cheetahs because they are fascinating. I would all ways be very warm with my yellowish golden fur. If I was a cheetah I could eat as much or as little as would like. Cheetahs also do not have a lot of predators besides lions and leopards. If I was a cheetah I wouldn’t have to go to school and I could do what ever I like. I would like to have a long tail because it would keep me occupied. I could take a nap in the middle of the day without being disturbed. I wouldn’t really have to live with anyone so that would give me more freedom. If I were a cheetah everything would be perfect.

    • Being able to take a nap in the middle of the day without being disturbed does sound nice Mitchell. Hey, how about the next time the class is silent reading I just rest my head on my desk…. 😉

  8. If I was an animal I would be an owl because owls are beautiful and amazing creatures and can do amazing things. If I was an owl here’s what I would do. When It’s night I’ll wake up, I have good eyesight so I can see very well. I spy a mouse in a Wheat field, I swoop down and grab the mouse, mmmmm “ breakfast” for me. If I was An owl I would be a barn owl, so every day before I go to sleep all the animals in the barn would wake up, so I say hi and go to bed. I’m always so confused about why all the animals in the barn go to sleep when it’s dark not light? Sometimes I go out and meet other owls and sometimes I fly around and look for food and an old eagle, falcon, or hawk nests to sleep in during the day. One other reason I want to be an owl is because owls are nocturnal, that means that owls sleep in the day and wake up in the night, but that would be hard to get used to. Owls are fast like a cheetah but can fly like a plane, they can dive like they are going off a diving board, but can’t swim. And owls can swoop down and grab prey like a cat pounces on a mouse. I like owls in these ways but I’m missing 2 resons, owls are beautiful animals with their feathers and they are one of my favorite animals. I think its funny that I always think of owls with huge nerdy glasses reading a thick book in a rocking chair. Sometimes as a barn owl I sleep in the trees or an abandoned nest and sometimes I sleep in the barn. The last thing I love about owls is that they can fly. Owls are cool and amazing animals and if I was an animal of course I would be an owl.

  9. Greyhound

    If I could be any animal in the whole world I would be a Greyhound. The reason is because I’m fast and Greyhounds are really fast and I want to be faster so if I’m a Greyhound I’ll be really fast. The first thing I would do is run as fast as the wind on a stormy night, then I would chase cats, squirrels, cars and a lot of other things. The night I arrive I would sleep on my owners bed and the next night I could sleep outside if I wanted to. The next day I would play fetch and go for a walk maybe even a little bone burying. That night I would sneak into the laundry room and eat all the milk bones and sleep there for the night. Hmm what would I eat… kibble…bones… NOTHING! I hope I could eat bread, bread, bread, and can you guess BREAD! I would eat bread for breakfast lunch and dinner… hold on a second dogs don’t have lunch. Anyways I would win races and have lots of fun being a Greyhound. I would be as energetic as a kid on the night before Christmas. That is why I would be a Greyhound out of any animal in the world.

  10. The Lion

    If I could be any animal I would be a Lion. Because it starts with the first letter in my name. Their fur is as soft as a new born kitten. Their eyes are as white as a blank piece of paper cut right down from a tree. It lives in Africa and I have never been there but I also want to go to Africa so I can learn the language they speak too. They have really sharp teeth so they can kill their predators easier. It has a loud roar so if a Lion is in trouble the other one can roar really loud so the others can hear. I could learn how to draw with my paws and feet too. I could enter the most hairiest animal contest. When I am trying to kill my prey I am very sneaky. That is why I want to a Lion.

    By Logan

  11. Bigfoot

    If I were to be a animal I would be bigfoot. The reason I picked Bigfoot is because I like mysterious animals. I am brown and hairy like a bear. I would only attack for a reason like I am hungry. People who live beside forest have seen me and heard my strange noises too! I guess they call us Bigfoot is because we have big feet and they are jealous. I like to eat seals ,coyotes ,cougars ,and I like to steal other peoples chicken wings when they are not looking. I am also good at swimming because that is how I get fish. I climb trees to get animals that can climb trees too! I live in caves like bats and don’t come out until summer. I stay in my cave for spring ,fall ,and winter. Many people say I am not real but they are wrong. The only thing I am scared of is squirrels I throw trees down onto them. I am the fastest thing on earth and I can jump the highest too. I would jump on airplanes to get a ride. I am also the strongest animal on earth too! I can grow up to 10 feet. I will not need to go to school because I am too big, also I can just dig a hole and get out of school. That is why I want to be Bigfoot.

    THE END By Jagraj

  12. If I Could Be Any Animal I Would Be A
    If I could be any animal I would want to be an animal that’s amazing, magnificent, beautiful and an animal that would be stuck in your head like a wolf. Some reasons I would want to be a wolf are they have fur as soft as the touch of a cloud their howl is outstanding. A few other reasons are they have a pack to rely on like a child that has a family to rely on. They also have sharp teeth and sharp claws to defend themselves which could come in handy. Their also fierce and brave like a soldier off to war. Another one is they get to roam free and never get cold. The wolf can almost run as fast as a cheetah, which would be useful for when Ms. Hamelin tells us to run laps. They can also hear things from a very far distance which would also come in handy so I could hear my friends talking about how amazing I am. A wolf can also stay up all night if they wanted to which would be awesome. I would like to be a wolf because they are very lucky because they have many amazing things that we don’t have.

  13. If I Could Be A Horse
    Horses are pretty fast, and I am not really good at running so if I could be any animal I would be a horse. I would want to be a horse because you can eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom whenever you want. You could gallop in a huge open space. Go in huge races like the Breeder Cup. If I where a horse I would want to have a shiny coat and with a long pretty main and tail. The first thing I would do is finding a place to live. Once I have found a place to live I will try grain and hay but I am so sure about trying hay and grain. And is someone where to go onto me I would let them ride me. But if they kick me to hard I will buck them off. The next thing I would do is get shoed I wonder if it will hurt me or it will be fine. And I will also want to find an apple tree cause I can eat the apple in one bite. And I could make a bunch of noises and nobody will care at lease I think. A cool thing I don’t have to do my hair people will do my hair. Horse are amazing, beautiful animals I wound love to be a horse.

  14. Donkeys

    If I were to be any animal I would be a donkey. The reason I would be a donkey is because all you have to do is eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, and of course, let people pet you.

    The best part about being a donkey is you can out smart people for example. You’ll be pulling a wagon and you stop. People nag at you so they put a carrot in front of you. Luckily if you’re a high enough jumper you can jump up and get that juicy carrot.

    If I were a donkey I would be a female. I would have a long mane and tail. But my tail would look like a horses tail, not like a normal donkey tail. My mane and tail would have purple streaks like amethysts shining in the night. And my hooves and eyes would be the same color as my hair.

    Since I looked so beautiful little girls would come up to me and put a top coat on my hooves. Also they would curl, straiten, crimp, and braid my hair. They made me look like a top model. Also they would buy contacts that were miraculous shades of purples and apply them in my eyes. They would also feed me dyed food in the color purple and feed it to me. And every time they did my tail they would put a purple bow at the bottom or at the top of my tail. The bow that they but it would sparkle like diamonds in the sky.

    This is how normal people think of donkeys. Small, matted fur, noisy, big-eared dummies, lazy, stubborn, and annoying. Some of them are true but other ones are flat out rude. But this is how I think of donkeys. Cute, fluffy, smart, wise, pretty, small, and big eared. Now that’s the real description of a donkey.

    I would be a donkey because you wouldn’t have to go to school, eat gross stuff that you don’t like, brush your hair or teeth, or shower. Because people would do that stuff for you. But my favorite part is you can annoy people by making a donkey sound. I know a donkey at a camping place called mile high. He makes that donkey sound so loud that we can here it from our camp sight. And that’s at the top of the hill. But he does it at 5:00 a.m.. It’s so annoying.

    People think donkeys are stubborn that’s why they say “you’re as stubborn as a donkey.”. But they just want some love. So do me a favor next time you see a donkey, pet it. Remember donkeys are living things. Not some undead picture.


  15. If I Could Be Any Animal I Would Be A

    If I were an animal I would want to be something beautiful, something majestic, something unbelievable, something that makes your heart skip a beat. I would want to be a wolf. I would love to be a wolf because I would need a pack, someone I could rely on and that’s exactly what the wolf has. A wolf’s pack is like a family. They’re there for each other. A wolf has a howl that you would never forget. It would be in printed in your mind forever. It is truly unbelievable. Imagine if my voice was the one that everyone loved. In the winter I wouldn’t have to buy snow boots or a winter jacket because the wolfs fur is a soft a silk and as warm a dragons burning breath. A wolf moves gracefully across the ground like a ballerina. It moves so fast barely touching the ground between strides. If I could run as fast as a wolf I could get thousands of break aways in a soccer game. If I were a wolf I would look intimidating yet magnificent at the same time. Everyone would leave me alone when I was mad. Another reason is that a wolf is fierce and brave like the king of the forest. I think the wolf is lucky because it is strong and lean, it can roam free and it has built in weapons of defense. A wolf has sharp teeth and claws that can be used as something to protect me. If I was a wolf I could beat anyone in a game of chess because of my intelligence. A wolf has a great sense of smell, I could get the first cookie because I would be able too smell when its ready. It would be cool to be a wolf because I would be able to I know what the life of a wolf really is, what it’s like to live in the wild and have a pack. I could see the sun rise and set from the best seat in the house.

  16. If I could be any animal I would be a narwhal. I would be a narwhal because they are very extraordinary animals. It is so smart it pokes holes in the ice in order to breath. Another thing is it will not swim from a shark it will go at it. It isn’t shy eighther. I wouldn’t need to go to school or have responsibilities. Plus I would have an underwater playground and who doesn’t want one of those? They are like a Jedi of the sea or an underwater unicorn. It also eats fishies, like I do. For all we know the narwhal could have invented the shish kebab!
    But the best part is they look cool without clothes on. Also they have a facial horn but it is actually called a tusk. They also have thousands of awesome mini teeth. It swims in my favourite ocean, the Pacific. I would go to the bottom of the ocean and see the sea life. Narwhals are big strong animals. That is why I like narwhals.

  17. If I could be any animal I would be a moose. I would be a moose because I could dodge bullets from the hunters shooting at me. Then I would sneak around and make sure the hunter’s gun is down and I would attack. Another reason I would be a moose I could get as dirty as I want with out my parents saying “don’t get dirty or you have to walk home.” And I don’t have to wash off the dirt for as long as I want. At night I can sneak into farm land and eat their vegetables and plants or I can sneak into a barn and eat all their hay and try to let there animals out. To let them go where ever they want. That’s why I would want to be a moose.

  18. I would like to be a horse fly because it’s an interesting bug and it eats poop. I like it because I can go hide in the sky where I can see a good view. The most dangerous part about it is the creepy sharped clawed birds that will eat me. It would be easy to get a place to live in because I can fit through small places. The colours of my body are black, green, red, and see through. The bug looks very ugly and has a stinger so it can scare people away for protection. The bug is scared away by humans and other weird creatures. The horse fly eats all sorts and sizes of poo and it is really easy to find something for breakfast, a snack, lunch, and dinner. Now that would be a good day!


  19. This is why I want to be a Narwhale. Narwhales are cool looking animals because they have this thing called a tusk on their head. Narwhales are gentle animals people don’t hurt them that much, that’s way they I want to be a narwhale. I can also find food fast like a narwhale. They are also a funny looking animal because they have a long tusk that looks like a unicorn head. Narwhales have a strong body. This is three things I want to be, shy, protective, and brave, and to see nature in the cold arctic sea. When I’m a narwhale I come up to breath and shoot water I would also like to see the stars, the sky, and all the trees and wild life in the forest and ice land. Narwhales are cool looking animals and that’s why I want to be one.


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