Monthly Archives: October 2014

Welcome to my new division 5 students and their parents

Here we are on October 1 feeling like we have just begun. Wait a minute….yes, it has been a strange start to the year, but in many ways things feel just as they should.  Students are settling in, learning new routines, and reviewing previous ones.  I was excited and delighted to meet my class this year.  What an enthusiastic bunch. I have taught many siblings to this group so my apologies if I call you your brother’s or sister’s name.  I will (or hope to) get over that.

We are almost ready to begin journal writing, something I love, and most of the students enjoy too.  As a parent I know that having this memento from your child’s year is very special.  It’s nice to go back ten years down the road and read what the world looked like for them when they were nine or ten.  Yes, I know this from experience!

We have started a read aloud that I chose after reading a couple of glowing reviews.  You may be familiar with the author, Kevin Henkes, from some picture books he has written.  We have some favourites from my teacher-librarian days, available in our library. Does anyone remember Wemberly Worried, Chrysanthemum, and Lilly’s Plastic Purple Purse?  Anyway, Henkes has written a novel called The Year of Billy Miller.  I wonder if any of my students can remember why it has this title?  Hint: Chinese New Year.

The Year of Billy Miller