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Last week we read a beautiful picture book called My Blue is Happy.   It is told from the perspective of a child who explains her family members’ different connections to various colours, and then shares what each colour means to her as well. For example, yellow is a cheerful colour to her grandmother, but for the child it is sad, like a wilting flower or a butterfly caught in a net.  It’s great because it allowed us to talk about what associations we typically have with things, and how they might be different from other people’s.  After reading the book I challenged the students to  write some colour similes of their own, in a similar style, and then created a Haiku Deck of what they had written. Using figurative language is not an easy thing to do.  It’s moving from thinking about the concrete to the abstract.  Haiku Deck provided an opportunity to create great visuals for each simile, as the range of pictures to choose from is vast.   Here is one example.  I will add a few more in the coming days. These look great on a phone or iPad.  If you look at them on a computer be sure to go to full screen! 🙂